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The Real Estate Whisperer helps families who own rental property with comprehensive financial advice that includes all assets they own, including investment real estate.

If you're seeking financial planning advice and own investment real estate as part of this plan, you're in the right place.

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Why settle for financial advice that only addresses a portion of your wealth?

We understand that 30% of the nation's wealth is tied up in real estate, and we believe your rental property should be an integral part of your financial strategy. We've got you covered, whether it's stocks, bonds, insurance, or your directly held rental property.
  • Pay only for the plan you need

  • Pay only a flat fee

  • No asset management

  • No investment minimums

  • For DIYers

  • For people with advisors

Not all financial advice is created equal.

Has a financial advisor ever offered advice on your rental property without you asking? And when they responded to your question, did you feel fully advised? Your hard work in building your family portfolio, including rental property, deserves respect. That's why we're here to offer professional advice that integrates your rental property into your financial picture.

You’ve worked hard to build your family portfolio, which includes rental property. You’ve had good days and bad. You have taken risks and have worked hard to tweak out rewards. Now you may wonder who can help you move to the next level and help you make sense of how everything can work together.

Purple Podiums

Real Estate Investors:
Who is there to whisper professional advice in your ear?

Few financial plans integrate your rental property into your big-picture finances. Fair enough. The advisors don't get paid for managing your rental property. They are not credentialed to give help with this asset class. And it is very complex work. Great advisors can’t possibly do everything for everyone, just like our founder should not be a yoga instructor! That is ok because help and clarity on how your real estate can work in your financial future is just a mouse click away. And you won’t have to worry about bringing a yoga mat!

The Real Estate Whisperer stands out as the sole comprehensive financial planner who has achieved both the prestigious CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNING™ (CFP®) and Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) designations. These are recognized as the highest qualifications in the fields of financial planning and real estate investment. When it comes to advice, having someone with these credentials whispering in your ear is exactly what you need.

Real estate planning questions you might have

  • Are my rental properties performing to my expectations?

  • What type of performance should I expect?

  • Is there room for improvement? Any considerations for buying, selling, or holding?

  • How does rental property fit into my retirement plans and other assets?

  • What options do I have as I approach older age?

  • Are there strategies to manage taxes if I decide to sell?

  • How does leaving real estate to beneficiaries work?

The Real Estate Whisperer has got you covered, whether it's stocks, bonds, insurance, or your directly held rental property.

You can handle your finances yourself, but you don't have to do it alone. 

We provide advice and a plan; you or your other advisors implement the plan. We don’t manage investments, take custody of your assets, or have any set minimums. That is so we can truly focus on the big picture, whether complex or relatively simple.

If you are ready to get help articulating and measuring your personal financial goals, developing an action plan, and getting equipped to take control of your financial life, contact us to arrange a no-obligation introductory call.

If you already have an advisor, that's OK too.

Even if you have a top financial advisor or planner, they are unlikely to offer advice on your rental property. That's ok because we don't compete with these members of your team. We don't manage investments. And we don't require a minimum amount of assets. We can supplement your advisor’s work by advising and creating a plan for a flat fee.

If you want to see how The Real Estate Whisperer can add value and clarity to your financial matters, please contact us to arrange a no-obligation introductory call.

Why choose The Real Estate Whisperer?


We transform confusion, jargon, and complexity into a well-defined plan that articulates your goals, priorities, and provides a clear path forward.


Our personalized and thorough planning process ensures that your plan is built on a solid foundation, instilling confidence in your financial future.


We help you understand and visually demonstrate the strengths, weaknesses, and potential benefits of your current and future financial decisions.


With dual credentials in financial planning and the investment real estate service industries, including being an adjunct professor in the UC Berkeley Personal Financial Planning Program for almost 20 years, our expertise is unparalleled.


We are a trusted resource for comprehensive and professional advice sought by real estate investors.


We provide advice and a plan for you to implement, giving you full control. We do not manage investments, take custody of your assets, or impose any minimum requirements. This allows us to focus on the big picture, whether your situation is complex or relatively simple.

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