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Meet Rich Arzaga

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Founder and CEO

Rich Arzaga, CFP®, CCIM, is a respected financial

advisor with a passion for real estate investments.

With a professional yet approachable style, Rich

brings clarity and guidance to his clients' real estate

matters, helping them navigate options and develop

strategies that align with their interests and goals.


Drawing on his extensive expertise, Rich provides

valuable advice on various real estate topics,

including buy-sell-hold strategies, tax-deferred

and highly appreciated tax reduction strategies,

real estate succession planning, and rental property

cash flow analysis.


His exceptional knowledge and real estate strategies have earned him recognition in business and finance publications such as the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Newsweek, Kiplinger, and The Journal of Financial Planning. As an esteemed adjunct professor at UC Berkeley and UC Santa Cruz Personal Financial Planning programs, Rich has been Honored for his excellence in teaching.

As the Founder and CEO of The Real Estate Whisperer Financial Planning and Education, Rich is an advice-only financial advisor who operates on a flat-fee structure. By focusing solely on providing client-centered financial advice and not managing investments, he ensures his undivided attention to his clients' needs.

Rich's ideal clientele comprises real estate investors, business owners, sole proprietors, business executives, and affluent families who seek expert guidance. With his vast experience, Rich has held senior-level positions for 18 years across various entrepreneurial, high-growth, and Fortune 500 companies. Notably, as Senior Vice President of a technology startup in the Denver Tech Center, he played a pivotal role in the successful sale of the business for $326M.

Rich's educational background is equally impactful, as he graduated with distinction from the Personal Financial Planning Program at UC Berkeley and holds a BA from San Jose State University. He also pursued Graduate Studies in Management at Northwestern University J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management.

Residing in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Rich serves clients nationwide, leveraging his expertise and personalized approach to help them achieve their financial goals and make informed real estate decisions.

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