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Get Help Achieving Financial Success with Our Comprehensive Approac

At The Real Estate Whisperer, we understand that each client has unique financial needs. Our services are tailored to address your specific goals and priorities. Here are the key areas we cover in our comprehensive financial plans:

Financial Goal Articulation

We help you articulate, prioritize, and quantify your financial goals and needs. Some examples include:

  • Performance review and guidance on real estate investments.

  • Buying a larger or second home.

  • Relocating to a more affordable or upscale area, or closer to family.

  • Early retirement or extended work life.

  • Planning for the impact of potential job loss, disability, premature death, or long-term care.

  • Navigating medical insurance and optimizing social security distributions.

  • Managing an inheritance.

  • Starting or selling a business.

  • Funding college education.

  • Estate planning and managing estate taxes for leaving a legacy.

Financial Statements

We provide a comprehensive snapshot of your assets, liabilities, financial models, and current financial condition. This becomes a benchmark and baseline for measuring progress toward your financial goals.

Household Cash Flow Analysis

We consider your income and spending needs to determine optimal allocations for debt repayment, medical expenses, savings, investments, retirement contributions, and maintaining your desired standard of living.

Retirement Strategies

We develop a personalized strategy to help you achieve financial independence and address other financial priorities. This includes assessing your progress, recommending adjustments, evaluating the likelihood of outliving your savings, and managing key retirement risks.

Risk Management Review

We identify potential risks and their impact on your financial well-being. This includes a thorough review of risks associated with premature death, disability, long-term care, personal liability, and options to mitigate these risks.

Long Term Investment Allocation Strategy

We recommend an asset allocation strategy based on your investment objectives and risk profile. This includes establishing benchmarks for performance review, comparing your current allocation with the recommended allocation, and guiding you toward an optimal investment mix.

The Retirement Income Lab™

Our proprietary cash flow analysis utilizes client information and tax returns to measure investment properties' potential performance and impact on your financial condition.

Tax Reduction Strategies

We identify methods to minimize your tax burden within the permissible limits of the tax code. This may involve identifying tax-favored investments or account types to reduce taxation on ordinary income, long-term gains, and investment income.

Estate Preservation

While we are not licensed to provide legal or tax advice, we can review account beneficiaries for retirement accounts and life insurance. We also suggest approaches to your estate plan, helping you align it with your desired outcomes for loved ones and charitable contributions.

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