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The Planning Experience

Our Financial Planning Process: Guiding You Towards Financial Succes

From this visit to our website to final plan delivery, here is what to expect working with The Real Estate Whisperer™  

Step 1: Explore our Website

Start by reviewing our website to determine if our value proposition, experience, process, and pricing align with your needs and goals. This will help you decide if a no-obligation introductory call is the next step.

Step 2: Initial Consultation

Following the introductory call, if both parties agree that The Real Estate Whisperer can add value to your financial life and you elect to move forward with planning, you will receive a request for information and documents titled "Getting Started on your Planning."

Step 3: Comprehensive Analysis

With your goals and priorities at the forefront, The Real Estate Whisperer will thoroughly analyze your current financial situation. We will identify strengths, weaknesses, coordination gaps, and improvement areas in your plan. Our analysis will affirm decisions consistent with your goals and inspire alternative strategies in other areas to enhance your financial outlook.

Step 4: Planning Meetings

Planning Meetings: Over two to three planning meetings, we will present the impact of your current plan and introduce various options for consideration. These planning meetings will be based on the data and assumptions collected, and they will provide you with valuable insights and strategies to progress toward your financial priorities.

Step 5: Actionable Recommendations

Actionable Recommendations: Besides the coaching and advice provided during the planning meetings, you will receive essential deliverables, including an Executive Summary, a Summary of Recommendations, and Financial Reports. These materials will illustrate the options discussed and serve as valuable tools for implementing the recommendations independently, through your advisors or any recommended professionals.

Post Plan: Ongoing Support and Updates

You are welcome to reengage with The Real Estate Whisperer in the future for plan updates. Significant changes in your personal and financial life will necessitate revisiting your plan. Periodically refreshing your plan allows you to track your progress, reaffirm your decisions, and adjust when necessary.

Experience a proactive and client-centered financial planning process that puts your goals and priorities first. Contact us today to start your journey towards financial success.

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