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"How much will this engagement cost?"

Our fixed fee starts at   $7,500 per plan

We understand that the complexity of a financial situation may vary from client to client. Accordingly, our fees are determined based on the level of complexity involved. Factors such as significant real estate holdings, planning intricacies, or extensive tax mitigation efforts may result in a higher fee. After an introductory meeting, we will provide you with a flat fee quote for our services. 

                                Typical fee range

While some plans are quoted at $7,500, the typical range for building a plan falls between $8,000 and $10,000. A smaller percentage is more. The fee variation is solely based on the level of complexity involved. We have observed that higher fees often correspond to greater opportunities for plan improvement. While we cannot guarantee specific outcomes due to external factors beyond our control, we have successfully illustrated potential plan improvements ranging from $300,000 to millions for past clients.

Plan updates and refreshers

Assuming you have not changed your name, replaced your family, or have taken on a completely different financial persona, the cost of plan updates will depend on the extent of the updates required. Since we already have your "Base case" from your original plan, most updates typically range between 50% to 75% of the then-current planning fee.

Should you choose to engage other professionals, such as attorneys, tax professionals, professional trustees, real estate professionals, or investment advisors, their costs are not included in our quoted fees.

  • Pay only for the plan you need

  • Pay only a flat fee

  • No asset management

  • No investment minimums

  • For DIYers

  • For people with advisors

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